• At Spirit of the Kata, we believe that protecting and practicing old teaching methods is the key for better understanding of traditional kata.We have made it our goal to help to ensure that the spirit of the kata will endure.

    Our goal is simple : to bring old teachings method to present days and teach self defense based through karate kata. Read More
  • Karate instructor Martin Klasek unlocks the Yasutsune Itosu´s kata Bassai Dai, probably most important karate kata.

    He presents kata Bassai Dai through an unique training method - Futari Renzoku-geiko (2-person continuous drill). Read More
  • "One can see why Anko Itosu so enjoyed his high reputation in the okinawane martial arts circles. Learning this drill will move your combat skills forward."

    Renshi Karol Krejčí Read More
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Karate instructor Martin Klásek presents kata Anko Itosu´s Bassai Dai through a unique training method - Futari Renzoku-geiko (2-person continuous drill). This 2-person training method was a part of ancient training system used by Okinawa masters in 19th century. Partner drill was brought from China to Okinawa by karate pioneers.



This unique drill methodically learns how to defeat 17 kinds of physical attacks. Master Yasutsune Itosu divided these attacks into 8 groups base on which he named this kata: PA -SAI, which literally means "8 defences" or "8 types of defence". Through Bassai Dai flow master Itosu taught his students many different responses to these predefined 17 types of attacks. The Bassai Dai drill methodically recreates (introduces) seventeen attacks chosen by Yasutsune Itosu.

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